August 20th, 2019

The State of Outbound Sales with CEO, Scott Gillum and Special Guest, David Brock

By Katie Weisz
Estimated Read Time: 1:00 Minute

When our CEO, Scott Gillum, posed the question “Do we really need outbound sales anymore?,” it started a great debate and open a candid dialogue between Sales and Marketers.

Friend and Sales Guru, David Brock, penned a rebuttal in defense of outbound sales that continued the conversation.

Scott and David teamed up to continue their conversation about the state of outbound sales today in a video interview, covering topics like Gartner’s ‘sense maker’ identity, the ‘silver bullet’ fix, and what sales want from marketers.

You can watch the whole video here:

After the interview, David wrote a follow up piece entitled “Customers Feel Value”.

Let us know what you think. Are outbound sales dead? Do leaders use technology as a ‘silver bullet’ to try and fix sales, marketing, and the customer experience?

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  • Dave Brock says:

    This was great fun Scott, thanks for asking me to participate. Some things I learned: 1. I need to look at the camera, not the screen of you on my computer (I was talking to you not the camera) 2. I need to rid myself of two phrases (You know and so on and so forth), 3. You are a great host, ask great questions and wickedly smart! Thanks so much for a great discussion!

  • scott.gillum says:

    Thanks Dave! I noticed that we’re both wearing the same type of glasses…except yours are sitting straight on our face. I look like a 3rd grader who just came back from gym class. Next time we’ll clean all this up! Thanks again for speaking with us. Great insights, as always!

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