For Clients

Imagine if you could bring in a thinking partner to work on a problem, knowing that that thinking partner marches to no other drummer. Not billable hours. Not team utilization rates. Not service-portfolio revenue targets. Carbon doesn’t care about any of that. We just care about you, your goals, and the quality of thinking that helps you reach them.

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For Partners

Imagine if you could work downstream from an international network of savvy Carbon Design Solution Architects, developing creative solutions that you can help deliver. Imagine if you could do so for smart clients that recognize an innovative business model when they see it. What a way to sharpen your chops, and build your portfolio.

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For Experts

Imagine if you could take the work you’re really good at, subtract all soul-deadening office politics, eliminate efforts wasted due to poorly defined problems, and just concentrate on doing smart work, for smart clients. How cool would that be?

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What We Do?

OK - so you’ve learned a bit about our people and our business model, but the question in your mind is “fine, but what exactly do you do?”
(Our parents, incidentally, have also been asking this question for years, so we’ll try to kill two birds with one stone here.)
As best we can describe it today, we’re in the mind-shift business. Briefly, if a shift in a customer’s attitudes and behaviors stands between you and your business goals, then we’ll work with you to find a way. It’s as simple, and as hard as that.
What we do, is complementary to what you do. You’re inside the complexity of an organization. We’re outside, and leverage the perspective that brings. You’re alternating your attention between competing concerns. While engaged, we’re focusing on your problem with stretches of un-interrupted concentration so we can run the trail ahead of you, report on the terrain and offer advice on how to navigate the tricky bits.
OK - so our parents are still confused (especially that last metaphor) but now perhaps you have some sense of what we do. At least enough to now ask us how we can help.